Nowadays, it’s difficult to make financial decisions without having a solid foundation in saving, investing, and responsible spending. A 2018 study by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) found that 53% of adults say thinking about their financial situation makes them anxious. For those between 18 and 34, that anxiety builds, as 63% of young people stress about finances. Making monetary choices is part of everyday life, and we all know how stressful everyday life can get. It’s crucial to take steps to ensure financial decisions don’t add to the stress. Building your financial know-how can help you make smart money decisions now and into the future. Using financial education tools can jumpstart your path to financial confidence.

What Are Financial Education Tools?

Financial education tools are resources that equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make wise financial decisions. Whether you are just starting your financial journey or have specific goals in mind, financial education tools are designed to supply the answers you need to make smart monetary choices that can save you stress and time in the long run!

Our Financial Education Center is a great place to find the tools you need to build your financial knowledge. This online platform provides programs, courses, and resources that only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You can take a free financial education course without investing hours of work!

Our Financial Education Tools

Financial Foundations

You can start building your basic financial education with our Financial Foundations courses. These resources walk you through the essentials of some key financial concepts. Financial Foundations covers topics including checking accounts, car loans, credit cards, and more.

Building Financial Capability

Learn how to manage your money and avoid financial dangers with our Building Financial Capability platform. This course includes tips on creating a budget, managing your debt, understanding the basics of taxes, and much more.

Preparing for Retirement

Planning for retirement requires a solid financial plan. Between estate planning and 401(k) plans, it’s a lot to take in. Learn how to prepare for an eventual retirement with our retirement planning courses. This platform includes info on how to maximize retirement savings, collect Social Security, and live a FIRE lifestyle.

Investing in Your Future

Being financially prepared often requires strategically planning for the years ahead. If you want to invest in your future, this range of courses is for you. From paying for college to building emergency savings, this platform helps you face the future with a solid financial plan.

Financial Caregiving

Parents and loved ones may come to a stage where they need your help to manage their finances. With our Financial Caregiving course, you can learn more about what being a financial caregiver involves and how to plan. This course includes strategies to prevent elder financial abuse, the benefits of planning for financial caregiving, and much more.

Small Business Essentials

Managing a small business can be stressful without the right financial tools. In our Small Business Essentials course, we cover the financial basics of managing a small business. From developing a business plan to obtaining credit, our resources help small business owners be financially savvy and safe.

Owning a Home

Owning a home is a big financial step for you and your family. To help you make the best choices, we put together a financial education course on Owning a Home. You can explore the benefits and costs of buying and owning a home in this series of seven resources. From mortgages to refinancing, we cover a variety of strategies and topics to help you make the best property decisions.

Personalized Playlist

Not sure what financial education tools you need? No problem! Our Personalized Playlist platform asks you a few easy questions to create a list of financial resources that may best fit your needs. Whether you are saving for retirement or paying off loans, our Personalized Playlist shows you content that can help you reach your goals.

Start Your Financial Education Journey Today

Ready to start building your financial confidence? Check out our Financial Education Center today and start making the best financial choices for you and your loved ones. At Bank of Bozeman, we know you face important decisions with your finances every day. We want to help! If you have any questions or want to learn more about how to reach your financial goals, reach out to us or give us a call at (406) 587-5626.