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We Now Offer Document Shredding For Our Clients!

Each client is encouraged to bring up to one grocery sack of documents to be shredded every month. For more details or questions about our shredding service, please call the bank at 406-587-5626.

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Our team is happy to help! Call 406-587-5626 to speak with a Financial Services Representative for wiring instructions.

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Superior customer service, competitive products, and local Bozeman loan decisions, for business, personal or home loans. These are just a few of the things that make us your premier local Bozeman, Montana bank. We’ve modeled our business on the community we treasure, bringing top talent and extensive experience to a small-but-powerful new kind of bank.

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What Our Clients Say

"Bank of Bozeman combines the best qualities I could ask for—they’re trustworthy and professional, but I also know I can count on a team of familiar faces and a friendly atmosphere to greet me whenever I visit. I depend on them for my small business and personal needs, and our family has been served so well by their dependable, one-on-one customer service."

-Cyndi W.

What Our Clients Say

"I searched high and low for a bank that could provide professional services for business banking, had a great mobile app, and excellent customer service. We had been working with a larger national bank and had been burned by them and left to feel invisible. We finally found the perfect fit with Bank of Bozeman! From day one, we felt like our business mattered to them. They were extremely attentive, met with us personally to tailor their services to meet our specific needs, and worked to make our transition seamless. Their team is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable; if I ever have a question, I am able to get on the phone with someone immediately. We are thrilled (and relieved!) to have finally found a bank that provides extremely high quality banking and stellar customer service."

-Gianna S.

What Our Clients Say

"When it came time for us to sell our primary residence and then move on to the next house, the home mortgage team went above and beyond to help us get the very best rates! They held our hands every step of the way. I trust them completely to have my best interest in mind! It feels so good to go to a bank and recognize the tellers as well as all of the other support staff - they are the best of the best!"

-Eva W.

What Our Clients Say

"At Tadpull, we've been fortunate to experience explosive growth the past few years and were looking for a partner that was willing to work with the unique needs of an expanding technology company. We've found Bank of Bozeman to be highly customer focused, innovative with solutions and very responsive."


What Our Clients Say

"The Bank of Bozeman has been pivotal in helping me get the loans I have needed to get my business started as well being a big supporter in it's growth."

-Michael R.

What Our Clients Say

"When I set out to form my consulting business, Greycliff Advisors, I wanted to work with a local bank that understood my needs and committed to investing locally. Bank of Bozeman seemed like the logical partner, and my experience to date confirms that to be true. The process to open my business accounts was straightforward and I received excellent support from the New Accounts team. I continue to have a positive banking experience and I see the Bank of Bozeman team as a partner in my business through their continued support."

-Brian M.

What Our Clients Say

"The Bank of Bozeman team was willing to work through all the cumberson details and help me get my investment funds transferred to Bank of Bozeman where they'll be safe and ready for me when I need to access them. In my experience, the tellers have always been polite and prompt with checking deposits and other matters, like counting the coin collection saved up over years and contributed to by passing friends and family! Altogether, my experience with Bank of Bozeman has been way better than with other banks."

-Marion A.

Making Compound Interest Work For You

Making Compound Interest Work For You

Compound interest is interest paid on interest already earned on a deposit or loan.  Think of it as ‘interest on interest’.  For those of you who struggle to pay off credit cards, compound interest is likely the culprit.  Interest from the prior month is added to the...

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