Jim Buti and Janet Móczár-Buti are husband and wife, painting individually on some pieces, and collaborating on others.

Janet Móczár-Buti

Janet grew up in Western Montana where she immersed herself into her surroundings. Being homeschooled she was encouraged to explore life through fishing, hiking and horseback riding. Animals were a huge part of her childhood and she started drawing them as soon as she could hold a pencil. Her love for art continued to grow and develop, but like a lot of people, she jumped into the “real” world juggling a desk job, marriage and three wonderful children. Through it all she continued to paint and develop her artistic talents entering local, online, and various shows across the country. It wasn’t until well into her 40s, that balancing her life as an artist, and her “real” job completely overwhelmed her. The call to be true to who she is, (an artist) was so loud she could no longer ignore it. On June 1st, 2018, she took a leap of faith, leaving her desk job to pursue her passion and calling as a full-time artist. She says: “I know that I am on this planet to create art, and share with others, nature at its finest. To help people recognize the beauty that surrounds them and to further its conservation, so that those who come after us can enjoy it as well.”
Her artistic education consists of a raw natural gift, as well as handful of local pastel, oil, and sculpture workshops. From oil paintings to bronze sculpture, her love of nature and animals comes through in every piece.

Jim Buti:

Jim was born and raised in Libby, Montana, He grew up with the time and resources needed to fall in love with nature and its beauty. With the encouragement of his family to develop his artistic talents, he was able to blend his passion for the outdoors with his love for art. His firsthand experience in nature, whether it is through hiking, skiing, camping, hunting, or fishing, can be seen in the details and compositions of his artwork.
Graduating from college in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science Degree/ Art Broad Field, Jim developed his own artistic style and settled on the subjects of wildlife and landscapes. Jim drew influence from the works of artists such as Bob Kuhn, Robert Bateman, and Howard Terpning, to name a few.
Today, Jim primarily paints in oils, he also sculpts and cast work in bronze, and is currently expanding his talents to include wood, metal, and stone.