We love the many ways technology makes life easier, with items like cell phones, appliances, and the internet high on that list. One of the game-changers in tech over the past few decades is so ubiquitous to daily life that we often take it for granted: online banking, our favorite unsung hero in the digital age.

The opportunities with online banking are endless. It gives us access to our bank accounts electronically; we can log in at any time from any device. Via online banking, you can easily view your account balance and transaction history, transfer between accounts, pay bills, deposit checks, and much more. Whether you’re a business owner managing invoices, a homeowner making a mortgage payment, or a college student checking the balance of your online bank account, you can use online banking to save time and money while streamlining your finances. So you can know the power available through your online banking account, let’s review the top seven benefits of online banking.

7 Benefits of Online Banking

1. 24/7 Convenience

Montana is a big place, hence the moniker “big sky country.” Driving to a bank location isn’t always convenient. Online banking makes managing your finances a seamless experience wherever your day takes you. With 24/7 access to records, transfer services, and account information from anywhere you have Wifi or a cell signal, you have freedom and convenience with online banking.

Need to check on whether a transaction purchase has cleared? Log in to your account to find out. Have a check to deposit? Deposit it remotely! Take a photo of the signed check with your smartphone and upload it to our mobile app. Want to check your account balance before making a purchase or make a last-minute transfer before heading out of town or out of cell phone service? Need to pre-schedule your rent or mortgage payment? Online banking has you covered. One less errand to run adds up quickly, saving you time and money today for more “money in the bank” tomorrow.

At Bank of Bozeman, our online banking platform and smartphone app make it not only possible but easy to stay connected with your finances anytime and anywhere.

2. Easily Access Bank Records

No need to visit a teller or wait for your monthly statement. Online banking lets you easily view all your account transactions in one secure location as a complete ledger of line items with dates, amounts, business names, and other details. Want to download or print statements for your tax or personal records? You can do so via your online account.

3. Pay Bills Automatically

Online banking makes it easy to pay your bills each month with automatic payments. Bank of Bozeman’s Bill Pay system lets you pre-schedule checks or ACH payments to be delivered to a specific address, so your rent, mortgage, and even utility payments go through on time monthly.

4. Deposit Checks Remotely

No need to make an extra trip to the bank next time you have a check to cash. With our app’s Mobile Deposit feature, just take a photo of the front and back sides of your signed check and upload them to your account—we’ll take it from there. Money will be deposited into your account the same day you deposit it if it is before our 4:30 PM cutoff time. Otherwise, the deposit will be posted to your account the next business day.

5. Transfer Between Accounts

Need to rebalance your accounts after new deposits or purchases? Ready to make a payment to a Bank of Bozeman loan? One of the benefits of online banking is that it allows you to transfer money automatically.

You can also transfer money to friends and family using Zelle, even if they use a different mobile banking service. No more handwritten checks or ATM withdrawals—all you need is their email address or cell phone number.

6. Open Bank Account Online

Want to open a new checking account online? All you need is your social security number, one proof of identification, date of birth, address, and any current bank account information to apply through our online portal. Once your account is approved, you can log in and manage your account digitally using our online and mobile banking platforms. Reach out to our banking team with any questions.

7. Online Bank Account Security

Your privacy is key when banking online. Bank of Bozeman protects your personal information and records with secure mobile login via fingerprint or Face ID, ensuring your data stays safe.

Access, Convenience, & Security: Making Online Banking Work for You

At Bank of Bozeman, we want to make our customers’ lives easier. From mobile bank checking to savings, loans, and more, our online platforms are designed to save you time and money. If you want to learn more about the benefits of online banking, you’re interested in opening a bank account online, or have questions about how online banking can work for you, contact us for support.