Have you ever had an experience like this: you’re completing a transaction at your favorite local store when your debit card is suddenly declined. You try to call the bank to see what the problem is, but you get put on hold, then transferred to a call center where someone who doesn’t work for your financial institution may or may not be able to fix the problem. At this point, you’re frustrated, a bit embarrassed, and no where closer to owning the items you’re trying to purchase, and what’s worse, now your debit card isn’t working, and you don’t know when it’s going to be fixed.

The unfortunate truth is, many regional and national banks make claims about the convenience of their services and products, while ignoring the most important aspect of their business: taking care of the financial needs of their clients. Bank of Bozeman is proud to be a single location bank, serving the Bozeman community. We are always working on improving our products and services so we can better serve our amazing clients. Here are a few ways we stand out against the landscape of big banks in the Gallatin Valley:

We don’t outsource our services. Being available to our clients is a top priority. If you have questions about your account or loan with us, have reasons to suspect suspicious activity, or have any other financial concern, your calls to our bank during normal business hours will always be answered by one of our team members here in Bozeman. For after hour inquiries, you can leave a message for our team to return the next business day, or in the case of a debit card being lost or stolen outside of business hours, our debit card partners can help you report the card lost or stolen, or you can turn your card off through the Bank of Bozeman mobile app!

Your money stays in this community to grow this community. From the projects we finance to the initiatives we support, our team is always working with the success of our community in mind. We are actively involved in student life at MSU, donate to the community non profit organizations through our staff organized Blue Jean Fund, and our team regularly and intentionally support the businesses who bank with us.

Our dedication to a personalized banking experience is unmatched. We consider it a privilege to have a relationship with our clients. Most of them we even know by name! We believe your trust in us as a financial institution is earned, not freely given, which is why we are so committed to building a strong working relationship with every person who has an account or loan with us. We make it a point to intentionally connect with our clients and community during the year through our annual Client Appreciation BBQ, our quarterly Artist Receptions, and other events.

We offer flexibility big banks can’t. Every lending decision is made in house in Bozeman, MT by our team of local lenders. Because we are invested in the success of this community, we have the ability to evaluate potential lending opportunities on a case by case basis. We aren’t required to report to a corporate headquarters in another city or state, so we are able to sit down with our lending clients and make a decision based on their needs and vision.

We are proud to be the Gallatin Valley’s truly local bank, and we are grateful you trust us as your financial institution. If you ever have any questions or concerns for our team regarding your account or loan with us, please give us a call at 406-587-5626.

Clinton Gerst
Bank President