There’s no denying it: the beauty of the Gallatin Valley draws attention from individuals and businesses across the country who are looking to relocate their residence or business to a picturesque mountain town. For many locals, this prospect can bring unwanted pressure to purchase land and begin construction immediately, even if you don’t feel completely ready to take that leap.

Financing a land loan through Bank of Bozeman can give you the opportunity to secure your piece of paradise here in the Valley, while also giving you the chance to strategically plan your expansion in the months and years to come. We specialize in several types of land loans and can help you find one that meets your individual needs!

Residential Land Loans. Unlike a construction loan, financing a residential land loan allows you to purchase your selected plot of land without the requirement of building on it immediately. If you are ready to purchase property, but want to wait on building your home for a period of time, this can be an excellent financing option for you.

Commercial Land Loan. Whether you are looking to add an additional location, interested in an expansion on an existing property, or opening up the first location for your business, our team of lenders can help bring the vision you have for your business to life through a CRE, or Commercial Real Estate Loan.

Agricultural Land Loan. If you are a farmer looking to expand your operation, or you are looking to purchase a completely new plot of agricultural land, we can help! You can also refinance your existing farm land for better terms on your loan.

Whatever your land loans needs may be, or team of lending professionals are here to help you reach the next step in land ownership. Contact our team today to discuss all of the options that are available to you!