There are many reasons a company may find themselves in need of funds short term for day to day operating expenses. Perhaps you own a small business and the largest roadblock standing in your way to success is the lack of cash flow on hand to manage the daily operations of the business. Without these funds, your business growth is at a stand still.

Or maybe your business is facing a different hurdle: you offer seasonal products or services and are struggling to make payroll and other operating expenses while you wait out the slow period. Whatever your reason may be, a Working Capital Line of Credit could be your solution to the short term pain points your business is going through.

A Working Capital Line of Credit through Bank of Bozeman gives you funds that can be used for operating expenses, accounts receivable and inventory, allowing you to better manage your cash flow. These lines are typically revolving, so once you have paid down on the line, you can use it again and again as needed! Rates are competitive for these lines, so you won’t end up paying over the top amounts in interest either.

For many small businesses, this is an excellent way to improve your credit as you utilize the line and make payments on time. It also serves as a buffer against economic downturn or slow periods in your business, allowing you to maintain daily operations despite internal or external financial stressors.

If you are interested in opening a Working Capital Line of Credit for your business, reach out to our team today!