At Bank of Bozeman, we have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. For the health and safety of our clients and staff, we are adhering strictly to the Governor’s recommendations as well as the regulations that have been put into place by the local public health officials. 

At this time, we have made the decision to re-open the Bank of Bozeman lobby. In doing so, we have taken additional precautions to protect our staff and clients from potential exposure to COVID-19:

  • No more than five people are allowed in the lobby at one time
  • Magazines and toys have been removed from the lobby to prevent unnecessary transmission of germs
  • Our tellers and new accounts staff all have sneeze guards installed at their windows and desks
  • We have placed stickers to the floor to mark safe distances between those who are in the lobby
  • Our community room is inaccessible to clients unless accompanied by a bank employee
  • We are requesting that appointments be made prior to all loan and account opening meetings so that our staff can prepare for the number of individuals that will be in the bank
  • Face coverings may be worn by staff when they are working closely with a client
  • After meeting with a client, all surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant 
  • Tellers wipe down their counter and check writer with disinfectant every hour


For our clients who are at-risk or do not feel well, we encourage you to complete transactions through our drive-up facility as well as utilize our online capabilities which include: 

Online Banking

  • Pay companies and individuals electronically
  • Manage your Bank of Bozeman accounts online
  • Online loan and deposit applications

Bank of Bozeman Mobile App

  • Deposit checks via smartphone or tablet
  • Make payments directly
  • Obtain cash all over the US from a surcharge-free ATM through the Moneypass network (

We are happy to once again offer the Bank of Bozeman lobby services to our clients and potential clients. It is our goal to continue to offer superior client service and an exceptional banking service to everyone who comes through our doors, uses our online services, or visits our drive-up. Please continue to check on our website and social media for future updates.