You need banking that works for you on your terms. And that is why Bank of Bozeman checking accounts are created explicitly with customers’ needs in mind. Here, you come first. Always. Perhaps you felt invisible at your last bank, and now you are seeking better customer service. Or you may have complex banking challenges and are searching for a bank that understands your unique position. Whether you are looking for simple checking that gives you the freedom of convenience or your business is experiencing exciting growth, with us, you will find checking accounts that grow with you. In this article, we explain what a checking account is, the benefits of opening a checking account, and the types of personal and business checking accounts we offer.

What is a Checking Account?

Checking or transactional accounts are simply bank accounts that provide a place for your finances to be stored, added to, and withdrawn from. These accounts allow you to cover your expenses, such as paying your rent, buying dinner at your favorite restaurant, or purchasing that new car you have been wanting. Your resources can be accessed by writing checks, using your debit card, or signing on through our easy-to-use mobile banking app. So, regardless if you are making withdrawals or adding deposits, our checking accounts let you, do you.

What are the Benefits of Opening a Checking Account?

There are many benefits to opening a checking account. Checking account advantages can include convenient access to your funds, fraud protection, and the ability to pay your bills online or transfer money to other accounts. And when you open a checking account with us, whether you need confirmation of payment or are sending money to your sister, you will benefit from having access to a full suite of innovative banking features and tools. At Bank of Bozeman, we can help with your banking so you can live your life.

Bank of Bozeman Checking Accounts

Personal Checking Accounts: Banking Made Easy

  • Simple Checking
    Simple Checking is an uncomplicated checking account made effortless. There are no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements—it is everything you need to start this leg of your financial journey. To get started with your simple checking account, you only need an opening deposit of $100.
  • Green Checking
    Hate all of the extra paperwork? Us too. Green Checking is our mobile account for those who prefer to be paperless and want access to a nationwide ATM network. Electronic statements are free with online banking, and nominal fee may apply for paper statements.
  • Interest Checking
    Opening checking accounts with interest means that your money is working for you. Our Interest Checking account offers you the flexibility of our Simple Checking while earning competitive interest. With this account, you get all the advantages of online banking, a VISA debit card, access to a nationwide ATM network, and your choice in how your account statements are sent to you.
  • 50+ Checking
    When you are over 50, you know exactly how you want your banking to work for you. We understand this and have created an account tailored to your needs. At Bank of Bozeman, our 50+ Checking includes features such as discounts on safe deposit box rentals and checks. This account is an interest-bearing account with no minimum checking.
  • Montana Medical
    Medical expenses happen, and being prepared for emergencies is why our Montana Medical is an excellent way to save for life’s unexpected moments. With this Bozeman checking account, Montana taxpayers can easily save for medical expenditures. There are no minimum balances or monthly fees. This account gives you peace of mind by planning for the future.
  • Personal Money Market
    If you are seeking higher interest rates, you might be interested in learning more about our Personal Money Market accounts. This type of account allows you to benefit from the flexibility of our tiered interest savings while allowing you to write checks (limits apply). Here, you can optimize your interest earnings safely and securely.

Business Checking: Grows With You, Grows the Community

We care about our customers, and we care about our community. We take great pride in building and fostering relationships with businesses that make our community unique. We believe the companies in our area are a vital part of the fabric of our valley. Because of this, we offer a variety of Bozeman checking accounts with many benefits just for businesses. Whether you are starting your dream from scratch or experiencing unprecedented growth, we have an account to meet your business needs.

  • Simple Business Checking
    Our Simple Business Checking makes everything easy for you. It has benefits that allow you to focus on your business and not worry about your banking. These features include online banking, cash management services, a VISA debit card, access to a nationwide ATM network, and, conveniently, your choice of statement delivery.
  • Business with Interest
    Your business needs to grow, but so should your money. In short, your business needs competitive interest rates. Open a Bozeman checking account with interest using our Business with Interest account. This account offers many advantages for your business, such as online banking, cash management services, a VISA debit card, and your choice of statement delivery. When your business wins, our community wins.
  • Interest on Lawyer Trust Account
    Whether you are a solo practice or a complex law firm, our Interest on Lawyer Trust Account (IOLTA) allows you to hold client funds while earning a competitive interest rate. You only need a $100 opening deposit and no minimum balance requirements.
  • Business Money Market
    Want your business savings to gain interest with minimal risk? Then you should consider opening a Business Money Market with us. With this Bozeman checking account, your business benefits from the flexibility of complete liquidity. When you thrive, our community succeeds.

Opening a new checking account can sometimes feel challenging, but it does not have to be. Though many options and benefits are available to our customers, we will work closely with you to help you meet your banking needs and achieve your financial goals. Connect with us today to open your new account.